SPONSORED: 5 of the best chippies in Scotland

February 27, 2019

Fish and chips have long-been a popular meal choice for those who want a tasty treat. In Scotland, we are incredibly lucky to have so many good quality fish and chip shops on our doorstep, many of them award-winning. Locally sourced produce is a big draw for fish and chip fans, but it is also the location, excellent customer service, and sustainability of these chippies that keep the customers coming back for more. Here we have selected five of the best chippies in Scotland for you to try...


SPONSORED: 6 tips to banish boiler blues this winter

February 18, 2019

We take our boiler for granted – but what happens when it stops working? No hot water, no central heating, and no doubt a hefty repair bill to fix it! However, we need not all live in fear of our boiler breaking down. To prevent the worst case scenario, we uncover some tips to help you banish the boiler blues this winter in association with William Ree & Partners.


SPONSORED: Lifting weights is easier than it looks

January 18, 2019

For many of us, the new year brings a resolution to get fit. At Leisure and Culture Dundee, there are experts and facilities that can help you make the positive changes you need to take up the healthier lifestyle you crave. Tele features writer Amy Hall is showcasing some of the things on offer from the city-based operator of leisure centres and gyms – from fitness classes to weightlifting and even the swimming pool. This time, Amy is pumping iron with fitness trainer David Low at the Douglas Sports Centre.