Marryat Hall

Dundee People

Drama, music and karate all on show at the Marryat Hall

April 19, 2018

This group of youngsters got the chance to show off their talents on stage at the Marryat Hall in 1995. The show had a mix of drama, music and, quite randomly, karate. Judging by the big thumbs up it must have gone pretty well. I wonder where these kids are now? Singers? Actors? Karate experts?

Dundee People

MEMORIES: Tea dance in the Marryat Hall

March 13, 2018

A rather stylish tea dance at the Marryat Hall. They were quite popular back then. I must say I like the idea. It all seems very civilised and reminiscent of Outposts-of-the-Empire, the sort of thing they’d do at Raffles in Singapore or at the Officers Mess in Calcutta.