Join the Evening Telegraph’s Reader Panel and you could win £50 cash every month

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Sign up to our reader panel now.

We genuinely value delivering content and advertising to you that reflects the things you want to read about. Making assumptions about what customers want is a risky way to make business decisions. We work hard to gather that information through formal research and our many informal ways of interacting and communicating with the community. We’re always looking for readers who are willing to share their opinions with us on a regular basis.

In order to do this, we have formed a partnership with RAM to create our reader panel; a way for us to measure our readers’ opinions on editorial and advertising content.

Please consider our exclusive group of panellists who will receive short questionnaires from us. We aren’t going to bombard you with things, but every so often will ask for your opinions via short email surveys.

As a bonus, each time you complete a survey as a Reader Panellist, you have the chance to win one of three prizes of £50 cash every month.

How to join

It’s really easy to join our reader panel. Just click here and complete your details. Rest assured we’ll never do anything with your information other than ask for your participation in research.

We have one stipulation for participants: You must have a valid email address.