Golden Wallet


Will you find the Jackpot £10,000 inside your Golden Wallet?

It’s back and it’s as BIG as ever!

Don’t miss your chance to cash-in with The Evening Telegraph.

We are inserting a gold wallet inside every single copy of the Tele on Friday August 17.

The jackpot prize is a whopping £10,000 plus there are other fantastic cash prizes ranging from £50 to £1,000….Do you fancy your chances?

That dream holiday, the new car you have had your eye on or how about that much longed- for home makeover? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

“How do I win” we hear you shout! All you have to do is buy the paper, no hassle, no competition to enter, nothing, just purchase a copy of the Tele on Friday August 17 and see what’s inside your Golden Wallet.

FRIDAY AUGUST 17: Every copy of the Evening Telegraph has a golden wallet inside.

Every golden wallet has a guaranteed prize.

Cash prizes from £50 – £10,000 to be found!

Keep your gamecard to play “Match 2 Win” for a whole week with more cash prizes of £250 every day!


If you find one of the lucky tickets inside your golden wallet – you’ve won a cash prize between £50 and £10,000. Follow instructions on your ticket to claim your cash.


A minimum consolation prize of a Wispa Gold which you can redeem from selected SPAR stores. Click here for full list of stores.


With even MORE cash to be won each day from Saturday August 18 – 25 (excluding Sunday), a bit like bingo, our ‘Match to Win’ game asks you to compare your card against your Tele each day – if your weight matches ours on the corresponding date then you win £250! – Your gamecard is featured inside your Golden Wallet on the bottom half.

Everyone is a winner with the Evening Telegraph £50,000 Golden Wallet so don’t forget to purchase your copy on August 17!

Good Luck!