YouTube yoga star may have to move from his Dundee home due to homophobic abuse

A Dundee yoga instructor said he is considering moving home because he has become the target of homophobic abuse.

Finlay Wilson, 30, whose Kilted Yoga YouTube videos have been viewed more than 50 million times, discovered the front tyre of his car had been slashed on Saturday morning.

The incident comes just a few months after he received a hand-delivered letter addressed to “the gay boy at number 45” demanding he move out of his flat near Dudhope Park.

Finlay, who lives with his partner, said: “A few months ago a letter was left on the doorstep but now it seems to be moving on to something a lot more physical.

“When I took the car to the garage the mechanic said it had been slashed deliberately and there is no way a pothole could have done that.

“That’s cost about £60 or £70 to repair but it is more the implicit threat that bothers me.”

He added: “The letter said, basically, ‘get out of the building’ so it must be somebody in the building.”

Finlay said he is now considering finding somewhere else to live.

“Instead of thinking ‘I’m going to move because I’ve found somewhere really nice to live’, I’m thinking of moving because of bullying,” he said.

Finlay, co-founder of Dundee’s Heart Space Yoga and Bodyworks in Scott Street, said he is going to report the incident to Police Scotland.

He shot to fame after posting a series of videos online demonstrating yoga and meditation techniques — while wearing a kilt.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said homophobia is treated as a hate crime and urged Finlay to report the latest incident as soon as possible.