Young Dundee couple’s ordeal as Barcelona hit by terrorist attack

A rented van mowed down tourists and local at Las Ramblas, a popular street in Barcelona, yesterday. Left: Sarah Brown and Reece Holt.

A young Dundee couple have described how they were forced to take refuge in their hotel during the terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Reece Holt, 21, from Ardler, and Sarah Brown, 19, from Strathmartine, only flew out to the Spanish city to start their holiday on Thursday.

Within hours of arriving, the terrorist attack was unfolding in the Las Ramblas tourist area.

A rented van was driven down the popular street in the centre of the city on Thursday afternoon, mowing down tourists and locals.

Witnesses said the van deliberately targeted people, weaving from side to side.

The driver of the van — who is believed to be the sole attacker — fled on foot and is still being hunted by police.

The attack left 13 people dead and more than 100 wounded.

Speaking on social media, Reece said he couldn’t believe that the attack happened on the first day of their trip.

People flee the scene in Barcelona

He said: “We heard that people have been killed. We’re just going to stay in our hotel until it’s safe to go back out again.”

Sarah said the hotel they were staying in was only minutes from where the attack occurred.

She told the Tele: “We’ve just stayed in our hotel since it happened.

“I think we’re going to stay on and try to enjoy the rest of our holiday.”

Back home, Reece’s aunt Michelle Bain said his family were relieved to hear that the couple were safe.

Michelle said: “We have been in contact with them all night and they are currently staying in the hotel.

“We’re all upset at what’s happened but it’s such a relief to know they are alright.

“I’m not sure what their plans are yet but I think we would like them to come home.”

Sarah Brown and Reece Holt.

Sarah’s mum Tracey said: “It’s such a relief to know that they are both safe.”

Meanwhile, one woman has died following a second attack in the Spanish seaside town of Cambrils earlier on Friday.

Several other people, including a police officer, were injured during the incident.

The Foreign Office said a “small number” of Britons had been hurt.

Five terrorists wearing suicide belts rammed civilians with a car before being shot dead by police.  Three others are in custody.

Bystanders ran for their lives as a gunfire broke out close to the coastal town’s beachfront promenade.

Residents in the popular tourist spot were ordered to take cover indoors as bullets tore through the air and footage later showed several lifeless bodies on the ground.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she was “sickened” by the incident.

Mrs May said the UK “stands with Spain against terror” and added: “We are in close contact with the authorities in Spain, who have our full support.”