Yobs on motorbikes speeding on Dundee street ‘a risk to pedestrians’

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Police are investigating reports that pedestrians are being put in danger by yobs on motorbikes.

Residents have complained of motorbikes and similar machines being used illegally in the Ardler area of Dundee.

John Bissett, who represents a number of residents in the area, said he witnessed several youths on “scrambler bikes” on Sunday and said one rider harassed a woman as she walked down the street with her child.

He said: “They were going up and down Turnberry Avenue and there was a lady with a young child. The guy on the bike came flying past her with the nose up in the air — she was very distressed.

“I saw it happen from my kitchen window and I phoned 101, but I had to wait, so I phoned 999.

“These kids are a danger to themselves, pedestrians and motorists. Police have said they’re looking into the situation.

“I have told people in the area to phone 101 if they see the youths in the area and then the police can come and take the bikes away from them. They are putting people in danger so that is the best course of action.

Ardler campaigner John Bissett

“If the police find out who they are then they can take the bikes, so anyone with information should contact them.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said residents should continue to report any antisocial and illegal use of motorbikes and other vehicles in their communities.

She added: “Operation Challenge has been running for a number of years. It’s a multi-agency response targeted at individuals who cause a nuisance and a danger within their communities through the antisocial and illegal use of motorbikes and similar vehicles.

“We have support from Dundee Community Safety Partnership and working together undertake intelligence gathering, patrolling of hotspot areas and diversionary work through school inputs.

“We would ask the public to support the partnership in its work by contacting the police or the city council’s community safety warden service with sightings and information concerning the antisocial or criminal use of motorbikes.

“Anyone caught committing these crimes will be charged and reported and their vehicles will be seized.

“We would urge anyone who has any information to get in touch with us on 101.”