Xplore Dundee introduces changes to bus fares and routes across city

A series of changes to bus services and fares across Dundee have come into force.

Adult single fares have gone up by 5p and a number of routes will be altered as part of a shake-up by Xplore Dundee.

The company said the changes will help improve reliability – although some residents, particularly those in the West End, have hit out at the new routes.

The 1a/1b between the city centre and St Mary’s will be subject to minor timetable alterations.

Service 4, which serves Dryburgh, will be rerouted via City Road as well as looping via Loons Road, Lawside Road, Kilberry Street and Cobden Street to improve links to The Glens area.

Service 5, between Barnhill and Ninewells Hospital, will run slightly less frequently during the day in a bid to improve reliability.

The service will also be rerouted via Glamis Road and Dickson Avenue, rather than Perth Road and Tom MacDonald Avenue, which the firm said will allow it to reach more passengers.

The 9/10 outer circle route is subject to a number of changes. These include going down Spey Drive and Mallaig Avenue instead of Technology Park; via South Road and Buttars Loan instead of central Charleston; travelling along Harefield Road instead of Loons Road; and via Baldovie Road instead of going into Sainsbury’s.

Services 15/17 will be separated at the city centre with passengers encouraged to transfer to other services at Seagate for onward travel. The 15a/15c will run every 10 minutes between the city centre and Whitfield, then every 20 minutes on alternate clockwise/anti-clockwise routes around Whitfield.

The 17 for Technology Park will run every 30 minutes, with the 18 to Kirkton revised to run every 12 minutes.

Xplore will also change the 23 route, running clockwise via the city centre, Lawside, Woodside, Maryfield and Stobswell, but more frequently – every 35 minutes instead of every hour. The 29 serving Charleston and Ninewells will go via South Road instead of Dunholm Road. The timetable for the 32/33 to Fintry and Whitfield will be revised.

Xplore managing director Christine McGlasson said: “Traffic patterns in Dundee are constantly changing and some of the city’s communities are growing quickly.

“That’s why we need to review our routes regularly and adapt fairly frequently, to provide services where they’re most needed, ensuring that these are reliable and safe.”