WIN: 2TB hacker-proof portable hard drive

A diskAshur² similar to the one up for grabs in our competition.

We have a portable hard drive device up for grabs that will keep hackers and intruders at bay.

iStorage has given us a diskAshur² storage device suitable for those wanting an easy secure solution for storing private data and more.

The hard drive has a unique security feature designed to defend against external tamper and hacking attempts.

The drive reacts to automated hacking attempts by entering the deadlock frozen state, meaning all such attacks are useless. Additionally, with the brute force hack defence mechanism feature, after only 15 PIN attempts, the drive assumes it is being attacked and wipes all data, giving peace of mind that no one will gain access to the drive.

Simply put, without the PIN, there’s no way in!

The competition winner will receive a diskAshur² 2TB in Scottish Blue (RRP £289).

To enter, simply answer the question below.

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