Wife performed CPR in vain to save popular Billy, 49,

Billy Bange with with budgie Blue and, right, with his wife Pam and with dog Molly.

The wife of a Carnoustie man who fought in vain to save her husband has said he was a “friend to everyone”.

Billy Bange, 49, a former Tayside Windows fitter, died suddenly at home.

Wife Pam, 45, who had been married to Billy for just over three years, said the family was still waiting to find out the exact cause of his death.

She said: “I have known Billy since I was 18 and we are just completely stunned that he is gone.

Billy died suddenly at home on October 24.

“I tried to give him CPR when I found him but he was gone — it was all incredibly sudden.

“We are being advised it was peaceful but we don’t know the exact cause of death.”

Billy had most recently been working at Spink & Sons Fish Merchants as a delivery driver in Arbroath before he was forced to leave due to poor health.

Pam added: “Billy had been in for a back operation a few years ago as he had a compression on his spine. Unfortunately the surgery didn’t work.

“He was forced to leave his job which he was absolutely devastated about — he really missed the people.”

The former Carnoustie High pupil held a school record for sprinting.

Billy had been a well-known local figure in the Carnoustie pubs, including The Stag and The Corner.

Pam added: “The Stag was his second home. He played for the pool team there — he was a really good player.

“He also kept the punters entertained with his rendition of the air fiddle while he put on the track The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

“Billy was a friend to everyone in the Carnoustie community and everyone is stunned by his loss.”

Billy’s daughter Erin, 12, a pupil at Carnoustie High, was someone Billy was always very proud of.

Erin said she has many memories of her father. She said: “Dad was always trying to photobomb my pictures.

Billy with daughter Erin

“He was always trying to get me up to dance after he’d had a few beers as well.

“My dad was also a keen fisherman.

“In the summer, me and Dad would also go down to the rocks at the beach and go crab hunting. He will be sorely missed.”

Pam, who married Billy at Arbroath’s Meadowbank Inn in 2014, said there had been no underlying health issues.

She added: “It wasn’t a case he had been feeling poorly in the run-up to this.

“There was no connection with the problems with his previous operation either.

“We had just been out for a meal to the Malmasion in Dundee in recent weeks. Billy even took me to the bingo.

“At this moment in time, we are just remembering some of the funnier stories, most notably his love of the jukebox.

“There was his rendition of Queen’s track ‘I Want To Break Free’, where he would get the pub’s hoover out. He was a great entertainer.

“Billy also loved his animals, his dog Molly and budgie Bluey.

“He loved the horses, especially when he was having a day at the Perth Races.

“The joke was that Molly knew the way to the local bookmakers.”

Billy’s stepson Dale, 23, said he was just one of the lads.

He added: “Billy was just one of the lads, everyone loved him — he was always wanting to buy you a pint.”

Billy is survived by his wife Pam, his daughter Erin, mother Frances and stepson Dale, his brother Alan and sister Pauline.

His funeral will be held on Thursday at 10.30am at Carnoustie Church.

Pam said guests are asked to wear casual clothing as Billy wasn’t a “suit man”.