‘We won’t let vandals win’: Community rallies round after yobs trash garden

Councillor Charlie Malone repairs broken fencing at the Whorterbank Community Garden.

Community leaders braved wind and snow to fix a communal garden — and said they “won’t be beaten by vandals”.

Yobs trashed fencing at Whorterbank Community Garden for the second time in a month at the end of last week.

Locals had called on the council to help repair the damage, but two community figures have taken matters into their own hands instead.

Myles McCallum, treasurer for the the Village of Lochee Community Partnership (VOLCP) — which includes the popular Save Our High Street campaign — and councillor for the area Charlie Malone braved Sunday’s freezing temperatures to restore the plot.

He said: “The message we are sending is that we won’t let these vandals spoil our garden.

“It will take much more than that to stop us from doing what we are doing in Lochee.

The garden damaged by vandals

“This is a statement to the vandals, if they keep knocking it down, we will keep on fixing it and building it back up — we won’t be beaten.

“It was snowing and blowing a gale but we managed to get it back so that people can use it again.”

Myles said that he and Charlie were able to salvage some of the wood from the fence the vandals had initially targeted and reuse it — but that much of it was rendered useless due to damage.

Despite the restoration mission, Myle’s said more work lay ahead for the garden to be fully returned to its former glory.

Myles said they were now going to utilise wood from Lochee Men’s Shed to repair a gate the vandals left broken — before repairing a water pipe that was damaged in similar fashion — and also looking at concreting fence posts into the ground in order to make them more secure in the future.

He said: “We are going to get them fixed back up and then we are going to be vigilant.

The finished fence

“Work hasn’t stopped, there have been loads of people going up.

“It is about halfway there but people can at least use it now.

“I will be there preparing my plot for planting vegetables for the summer.”

Myles paid tribute to his partner in the restoration — saying that it was “good to see a local councillor getting his hands dirty and getting stuck in”.

Mr Malone had previously told of his “heartbreak” in the aftermath of the two incidents.

He had promised that the garden would be restored — even if he had to “wield a hammer myself” – and asked the council for support.

Myles had also previously called on more lighting to be installed in the area in a bid to make the garden more secure.

He said: “Hopefully we can get some funding for new lighting.”