Warning for ‘incompetent’ radiographer who worked for NHS Tayside

An “incompetent” radiographer has been given a warning after his conduct resulted in patients being recalled to hospital.

NHS Tayside employee Punithan Dhanaraj was cautioned by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) following a hearing at which he admitted five of six allegations.

Mr Dhanaraj admitted failing to carry out scans on a patient in April 2015, resulting in the patient being forced to return to hospital.

He was also found to have sent a second patient away before his scans could be reviewed in May 2015.

He also failed to carry out a colleague’s requests relating to scans on a third patient, who also had to be recalled, and sent another patient home without his scans being reviewed in early June 2015.

Mr Dhanaraj admitted he did not carry out scans on a fifth patient which had been requested by another colleague in June 2015.

While he disputed a charge that in July 2015 he did not attend to a patient who was unwell and in pain, the HCPC ruled he was at fault, based upon the witness account of a radiography assistant.

A charge that he failed to scan a patient in a timely manner was unproven.

The HCPC said Mr Dhanaraj’s actions “demonstrate a pattern of behaviour which is indicative of a lack of the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to conduct scans appropriately”.

The report added: “In these circumstances the panel has concluded that his actions amount to a lack of competence as opposed to misconduct.”

A spokeswoman for NHS Tayside said: “This person no longer works for NHS Tayside.”

Mr Dhanaraj could not be contacted.