VIDEO: Thousands see English man tip Dundee holidaymaker out of sun lounger in ‘mental’ poolside row

A teenager behind a viral video showing English holidaymakers tipping a Dundee woman out of a sun lounger has spoken about the build up to the incident.

School pals Jenna Deacon and Eilidh Robertson were enjoying a relaxed break in Albufeira, Portugal when their holiday took a hilarious turn.

Fed up with sun bed-hoggers beside the pool, the girls decided to take a claimed, but unused, lounger for their own use.

The incident ended with an English man tipping Fintry girl Eilidh off the bed and onto the floor before taking it back.

The unimpressed holidaymaker confronts the girls.

The episode was caught on video and has since been viewed more than 100,000 times online.

After taking back the bed, the elderly woman shouts “get your own” to the girls.

Jenna, 19, from Forfar, said the confrontation “made our holiday”.

She explains: “I went down to the pool at about 11 and there was one bed left.

“Eilidh then came down later but there were two beds there that had towels on them but hadn’t been used all day.

Eilidh remonstrates with the woman

“I just took the towels off and used one of the beds, thinking that if the people come back we’ll give them back.”

However, it turned out that the simple handing over of the pinched bed wasn’t to be so simple with the original claimant returning to the poolside unimpressed.

Jenna, who works at Forfar’s Lochside Leisure centre, continues: “It was about 3.40pm and this old woman came around with her arms on her hips. She started getting really aggy and I said to Eilidh that it must be her bed.

“She started pointing a finger in our faces, I just had to whip my phone out. If she just asked us for the beds back we would have given them back to her. It was the fact she came round ready for a fight.

“The reason she was getting so wound up was why we kept going.

“I did think Eilidh would have eventually given it back to her – but I didn’t expect her husband to tip her off.”

Jenna said the whole argument seemed to be absurd due to the fact there were vacant loungers at the time.

“The thing is there were about eight other sunbeds free at the time. I don’t know why she couldn’t have just used one of those.

“They then sat right beside us – but she didn’t lie on the lounger, she just sat up. That’s what annoyed us.”

The pair were staying at the Villanova Resort and Jenna said the sight of people bagging sunbeds was not uncommon adding that she saw some holidaymakers drag beds back to their apartments the night before in a bid to secure a poolside spot.

Eilidh sees the funny side before being chucked off the lounger

On the reaction to the video, Jenna said it has been “mental”.

She added: “I’m just from a small town and I’ve had people going to work joking about it to me.

“People keep mentioning that they’ve seen the video.”

Eilidh, also 19, a Fintry Primary after school club worker, said: “We just headed out for a chilled holiday until it all kicked off.

“It is what it is. Originally I was really angry about it, but then we just laughed about it.

“Parents have been coming into my work that I don’t really know saying ‘I saw you in that video’.”

On people planning on reserving sun beds by the pool, she added: “If you put a towel on something it doesn’t mean it’s yours.”