VIDEO: See the new Dundee Railway Station go up in 44 seconds

Balfour Beatty has released a 44-second timelapse clip to show the progress of the new Dundee railway station concourse and hotel.

Work continues to erect the external envelope of the building as part of the new Waterfront development.

The footage showcases the work undertaken from project’s infancy to the erection of the steel superstructure which has provided visible changes to the Dundee skyline.

Works to the external envelope, such as rainscreen cladding and curtain walling, will run concurrently with the installation of the bedroom toilet pods for the associated hotel.

Toilet pods have been manufactured off-site within factory conditions to assure quality and optimise installation duration.

Balfour Beatty has also utilised repeat detailing and materials to reduce waste.

Balfour Beatty is undertaking the redevelopment on behalf of Dundee City Council.