VIDEO: ‘I saw him crawl out’ – Witness recounts horrifying Tayside helicopter crash

One man has been taken to hospital following a helicopter crash in Tayside.

It is understood he sustained a broken leg in the incident which happened at Perth Airport at around 10.30am.

Emergency services were on the scene within minutes. The unnamed casualty was taken by ambulance to Ninewells Hopsital.

Paramedics from the Scottish Airport Charity Air Ambulance were first on the scene along with Scottish Ambulance Service personnel.

An eye-witness said the helicopter was involved in doing some ground checks at the airport near to the SCAA hangar when the incident occurred.

It is understood that the chopper was on the ground and then appeared to go into a spin while it was being worked on.

One man, believed to be the pilot, was then seen to crawl out of the destroyed chopper.

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(credit: Connor Wojtowicz)

A spokeswoman for SCAA said two of their own paramedics were first on the scene to treat the casualty.

She added that Scottish Ambulance Service paramedics, who were at the airport for a meeting, also rushed to help.

The airport’s own fire crew also dealt with the aftermath clearing up leaked fuel.

The spokeswoman said: “The helicopter was being worked on within 100 yards of our base at the airport.

“Our paramedics were on the scene within minutes along with the Scottish Ambulance Service paramedics.

“They treated the casualty at the scene before he was transferred to an ambulance.

The onlooker said that the pilot was in the helicopter on his own.

He said: “The pilot was seen to crawl out of the crushed chopper before collapsing. Paramedics were with him within minutes.

“He didn’t appear to be too badly hurt and was later seen to be speaking with the emergency service personnel.

“The helicopter was still on the ground when it spun then crashed over.

“I saw one man crawl away from the chopper. He didn’t look to be took badly hurt.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed that a helicopter had been involved in a crash at Perth Airport.

He said: “Police Scotland were notified just before 10.50am that there had been an incident.

“One male casualty has a suspected broken leg. He was taken to hospital in Dundee.”

Man rushed to hospital after helicopter crashes in Tayside