VIDEO: ‘Mindless’ urban explorers film themselves inside derelict Dundee hospital

Urban explorers have uploaded footage of themselves online making their way through a derelict Dundee hospital.

A YouTube video shows two youths exploring the remains of Strathmartine Hospital.

The 20-minute clip shows the pair exploring the grounds of the abandoned complex before entering the former hospital itself.

Strathmartine has been targeted by fireraisers on multiple occasions since it was permanently closed in 2003.

However, as well as becoming a target for malicious vandals, the complex has attracted the attention of urban explorers keen to look around the abandoned buildings.

Monifieth & Sidlaw councillor Craig Fotheringham slammed the actions of the teenagers in the video.

He said: “The former Strathmartine Hospital site is regularly entered, vandalised and set alight and it beggars belief the sense of some people and their motives for doing so.

“Our already stretched emergency services then have to deal with the situation and the aftermath and in doing so, put themselves at an unnecessary risk, caused by individuals who obviously consider it their right to cause mayhem and act in a selfish and unacceptable manner.

“Whilst I accept the site is an absolute eyesore and blot on the local area, I do not accept the mindless acts of stupidity and vandalism that people are carrying out and it’s only, in my opinion, a matter of time before there is a serious and totally avoidable fatality.”

The main building was gutted by a blaze in April 2016 and several structures were levelled last year because of the risk they posed to the public.

The site is being marketed for sale by developers Muir Smith and Evans as it is “too much” for the current owners Heathfield Ltd to take on.

Muir, Smith and Evans said the they were engaging with planning officers to secure the long-term future of the site.

Robert Evans, planning agent for the site, said: “We are aware the police and the fire service have attended the site in recent weeks due to people gaining unlawful entry.”

“This is clearly disappointing to hear that people are continuing to access the site in its current state.

“We are still actively pursuing the sale and redevelopment of the premises and will continue to work with parties to secure the long term future of the site.”