VIDEO: Homeless Andy thanks Dundee public as he tries to raise funds for wife’s funeral

A homeless man who was forced to beg on the street to raise cash to bury his wife has thanked some members of the public for helping his cause.

Andy Whyte has thanked the Dundee public for their support as he tires to raise money to bury his wife, Sheryl.

Andy Whyte revealed in yesterday’s Tele his wife’s body was still in a mortuary following her death on December 28.

Sheryl died from a heroin overdose at the age of 37, leaving Andy heartbroken.

The former Hilltown man felt he was left with no other option but to go public with his story in a quest to lay his wife to rest.

Pictures taken yesterday showed him holding a copy of the Evening Telegraph as he begged on High Street.

He pleaded with people to spare what they could while displaying the paper and his wife’s death certificate.

As the Tele visited Andy on the street, plenty of people stopped to talk to him about his story.

And a visibly emotional woman sat down with him before donating some cash.

Andy said: “There have been a few people who have stopped and spared what they could and I thank them for doing that.

“The vast majority of people have just walked past.

“I was in tears yesterday telling people my story and just reading the article through.”

Ric May, involved with the Jesus Dug organisation, said he had got to know Sheryl and Andy over the last six months.

Jesus Dug has been providing homeless people with canine companions in an attempt to change how they are treated by other people.

Ric’s dog, Wolfy, spent time with Andy while he asked for help from the public yesterday afternoon.

Ric said: “I’ve known Sheryl and Andy for about six months.

“The harsh reality in Dundee at the moment is that these addicts are just waiting to die. Andy’s come out here and told his story publicly.

“I think its good for the community that he has come out and done this.

“I think it’s an extremely brave thing for him to have done.”

Linda Sterry, service manager at Dundee-based charity funeral link, said: “I was saddened to read of the difficulties Andy is experiencing.

“I would urge him and others who may be struggling to make funeral arrangements and meet the costs to get in touch by phoning 01382 458800, online at or get in touch through Facebook for confidential and independent support.”