VIDEO: First ever skydive from a drone takes six months to plan

Ingus Augstkalns has become the first person ever to skydive from a drone.

The Latvian daredevil was lifted more than 1,000ft (305 metres) into the air by the aircraft before making the jump.

The 28-propeller craft Augstkalns jumped from was designed by Latvian drone developers Aerones. It measures about 34ft (3.2m) across, weighs 154lbs and is capable of lifting 200kg (440lbs).

Preparations took six months for the skydiving attempt – which went ahead successfully.

The drone

“Emotions are fantastic,” said Augstkalns after the jump. “Both feeling how easily and quickly the drone lifted me, and because Latvia proves itself in innovations of technology.

“It is obvious that we will experience an increasingly important use of drone in our everyday life.

“Definitely also my friends skydivers all over the world will be excited about these new opportunities. We live in an exciting time.”

The jump

“Already in the near future, our technology will save human lives, will help to fight fires and carry out other challenging and significant work,” said Janis Putrams, one of Aerones’ chief engineers and a pilot for the drone.

“With this project, we show that we are ready for serious tasks in the field of civil defence and sports.”