VIDEO: Dundee’s Be Charlotte hopes to reach the next level with song ‘influenced by Bob Dylan’

Dundee’s Be Charlotte hopes her latest single can take her success to a new level.

The 21-year-old, real name Charlotte Brimner, has recently signed a new record deal with  Insanity in the UK and Columbia for the rest of the world.

Today she released her single Do Not Disturb, which is said to be taking her in a different musical direction.

The video is at the top of this article.

A press release promoting the single said: “If you’ve followed her career so far, it might not quite be what you were expecting.

“The native accent, lyrical depth and innate knack for a melody are all present and correct of course.

“Taking influence from classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman and her love of modern pop and hip-hop, ‘Do Not Disturb’ showcases a shimmering and powerful pop sound which is set to bring her to a whole new audience in 2019.

“The video for ‘Do Not Disturb’, also released today, is a deceptively simple take on Charlotte’s energy and style.”

Having toured Europe, North America and Asia as well as sharing the stage with Major Lazer in Africa in 2018, Charlotte has already made strides in the music industry.

In September last year she also performed at the 3D Festival to mark the opening of V&A Dundee in an event screened live on the BBC, below.

Charlotte, who started out as a teenager with an acoustic guitar in Dundee, said: “I use my songwriting to say things out loud that are otherwise difficult to express.

“In this song, I’m trying to explain feelings that I’d buried for a long time. I think everyone needs their space to figure things out at times, and we live in a world where everything is expected to be so instant and immediate.

“I hope that my lyrics can encourage listeners to discover strength within themselves rather than looking for validation from others.”