VIDEO: Dundee United boss Csaba Laszlo in German appeal for missing Liam Colgan

Dundee United manager Csaba Laszo has backed an appeal to help find missing fan Liam Colgan.

The 29-year-old Arab disappeared while on his brother’s stag do in Hamburg on February 10.

His brother Eamonn, from Dundee, told the Tele the family remain hopeful of finding him.

Laszlo’s appeal was share to the Lucie Blackman Trust’s Facebook page – a group set up to help British nationals in crisis overseas.

It comes after club captain Willo Flood issued a similar appeal.

In an update on the Help find Liam Colgan Facebook page, which has gained tens of thousands of followers, his family say it is possible something happened to him in Hamburg that scared him.

The post, also written in German, said: “He might have hurt himself, maybe sustained a head injury and could be suffering from memory loss.

“He is probably confused and probably feeling vulnerable and lonely.

“It is a possibility that something happened to him that scared him.”