VIDEO: Dundee pupils make short film to drive home message of road safety

A banner at Barnhill Primary which is part of the campaign
A banner at Barnhill Primary which is part of the campaign

Dundee school pupils have starred in a video to drive the message of road safety home to parents.

The film launched today with the clear purpose of improving road safety around city schools.

Pupils from Cragiebarns, Eastern and Forthill primary schools took part in filming which was shot across the city.

Parental involvement officer Taletta Jamieson, of Go Safe Dundee, said they took concerns from parents and teachers on board too before the film was produced.

The Go Safe Dundee initiative launched last year and has been encouraging people to park considerately near schools in conjunction with Dundee City Council and Police Scotland.

The Evening Telegraph got exclusive access to the video which is set to be screened to pupils from today.

The video shows the route to school via the perspective of a pupils’ eyes.

Children walking to school see motorists being abusive to patrol staff, while another motorist drives through a red light.

It also highlights troubles children encounter when cycling to school and the dangers of trying to cross the road between parked cars.

Children and family services convener Stewart Hunter said the film should give motorists a “wake-up call” on road safety matters close to the city’s schools.

He said: “This has been on-going for seven years in regard to problems surrounding the volume of cars around local schools.

“We’ve already taken measures like making streets one-way and closing streets to traffic during peak times.

“There isn’t a one size fits all answer to tackling the issues our schools are facing.

“There is a laziness now in parents or guardians wanting to drop kids off right at the door.

“I must stress these problem motorists are in the minority.

“But some of them aren’t listening to the council or the schools about pupil safety.

“I’m pleased this video has been filmed locally.

“It may well be the wake-up call some need to realise the problems their actions cause, by hearing it through the voices of the children.”

Taletta said the video will be available to access for children, parents and guardians.

She added: “It will go to all the head teachers at Dundee schools.

“We are delighted we’ve been able to get this filmed locally.

“This video is aimed not only at parents dropping their kids off at school but also to motorists coming into Dundee.

“We will be doing more in the months to come to tackle road safety.”

Barnhill Primary pupil Karl Roben welcomed the announcement of the new school safety video.

The 11-year-old was on hand to unveil his new road safety poster which will also be displayed outside his school.

Karl’s artwork will join a number of new banners being displayed outside city schools.

He said: “It took me over a day to design it.

“I just wanted to make motorists and parents aware children want to feel safe when they are walking home.

“I haven’t see the video yet but I look forward to seeing it and hope it makes a difference.”