VIDEO: Dundee mascot Scott, 3, heartbroken after ‘snub’ from every Celtic player

A young Dundee FC mascot has been left heartbroken after Celtic players appeared to ignore his attempts to get a high five.

Three-year-old Scott Roadnight, from Kirkton, was a mascot for the first time at Dundee’s Boxing Day match at Dens Park.

While standing with the home players during the traditional pre-match line-up, Scott, who has autism, held out his hand and made numerous attempts to get a high five from the Celtic players.

However, not one footballer acknowledged the young fan’s outstretched hand.

A screengrab of Scott holding his hand out for a high five from Celtic players.

A video was posted online showing the heartbreaking moment, with users describing the players as “out of order” and “miserable”.

The youngster’s dad, also Scott, told the Tele how disappointed his son was.

He said: “We are all absolutely gutted for Scott. He is heartbroken that they didn’t acknowledge him.

“These players are the champions of Scottish football and a number of them are in the Scotland squad.

“Although Scott may not be a Celtic supporter, he sees these guys as big stars.

“Scott also has autism and he is finding it really hard to understand why the players would ignore him.

“He keeps asking me why they didn’t see him and why they didn’t give him a high five.

Scott carrying a ball during his stint as a Boxing Day mascot at Dens.

“I am just absolutely devastated for him.

“I can’t believe they could see a young boy clearly standing there and ignore him.

“Any decent person would always say hello or give a high five to a young child — you would not just walk past them.

“My other son has been a mascot for Dundee quite a few times and other clubs such as Rangers and Aberdeen have always made a great fuss over the mascots, so we know it is not the normal way that away teams treat the mascots.”

The experience has not put the youngster off being a mascot in the future.

Dad Scott, an electrician, said: “He absolutely loved being a mascot but he just keeps telling us he doesn’t want to go to see Celtic play again.

“I just want Celtic players to understand that they were in the wrong.

“We are not looking for tickets or any material things.

“We just want them to acknowledge they should do better when interacting with young football fans.”

A spokesman for Celtic FC said the players did not intentionally ignore Scott, adding: “We will happily contact the family directly.”

Dundee FC declined to comment on the incident when approached by the Tele.