VIDEO: Dundee man’s shock at finding dog abandoned in industrial skip

A Dundee man has expressed his shock after a finding a dog abandoned in an industrial skip.

Mickey Cairns, 35, a panel beater from Claverhouse, had been carrying out work in Kirkcaldy when he found a “distressed” English Bull Terrier.

The concerned dog owner started searching a nearby skip premises near to where he was working on Friday before finding the dog locked within a container.

Mickey Cairns with Hugo

Mickey, who has a Staffie called Hugo, documented the incident on video before contacting the Scottish SPCA to report the abandoned dog.

He said: “I work regularly in Kirkcaldy and there was a big skip place just across from where I was working and there was pure silence – I started hearing a dog yelping.

“I started whistling and the dog was responding – there was a skip basically sitting on its own. I couldn’t believe it when I found the English Bull Terrier locked inside – it was a beautiful dog.

“It was distressed – it was horrible seeing it like that. When I contacted the SSPCA I was shaking in anger; how could anyone treat a dog like that?”

Mickey, who said the SSPCA arrived within 15 minutes of his call, believes the dog was left there while someone went to work.

He added: “When I discovered the dog I didn’t want to open the skip in case it ran away. It looks to me someone has maybe left the dog there while they’ve gone away to work. The SSPCA were there within a matter of minutes and got the dog out.

“If it is getting to the stage where you need to leave a dog in a skip – where anything could have been dropped on it – you need to seriously think about putting the dog into kennels or giving it to a person or family who can take care of it.”

The SSPCA advised the English Bull Terrier was found with no injuries and is being cared for within one of the rescue centres.

Scottish SPCA inspector Sarah Gregory said: “We attended an incident in an industrial estate in Markinch where a dog was found in a large container.

“The dog was unharmed and is currently being cared for at one of our rescue and re-homing centers.”