VIDEO: Dundee man, 33, finds worldwide fame in punchbag fall while on foreign stag do

A video of a Dundee man hitting a punching bag machine — unsuccessfully — while on a stag do overseas has gone viral.

Ryan Beattie, from St Mary’s, was with a group of 12 mates at Magaluf enjoying the traditional pre-wedding event days before attending Sunday’s derby at Dens Park.

The stag — set to get married in four weeks at Forbes of Kingennie — decided “after a few vodkas” to have a shot at one of the island’s activities.

The 33-year-old prepared to give it everything then swung once at the object designed to test the ferocity of your punch.

But instead of landing a knock-out blow, he hit it then twirled around before hitting the floor.


Unknown to Ryan at the time, the engineer was being filmed by his best man, Neil Hallyburton, also from Dundee.

Neil uploaded the video to SPORTbible’s Facebook page this week. After being posted — alongside the caption ‘tag a mate who can’t fight’ — it was viewed more than 600,000 times within about 24 hours.

Ryan, a dad to seven-year-old Taylor and three-year-old Jay, today spoke to the Tele about the punch, saying he was getting ready to give it “quite a hard shot”.

He added: “Before I knew it, I was down. I didn’t feel a thing.”

Ryan, who along with his friends then moved on to other bars, added: “I don’t remember any of it. I didn’t know anyone was filming.

“My friend told me afterwards. He said it was his plan all along to put it online.”

The video has earned international attention with Ryan receiving messages from the United States, Mexico and even the Middle East.

Asked about his overnight fame, he described it as “fantastic” and added: “A lot of people thought my clothes were deliberate and they were saying my dress sense is bad.”

Ryan said his fiancee Dana Taylor, 28, also from St Mary’s, has seen the video and will soon be heading to the same overseas destination for her hen party.

He added: “She’s going to attempt it as well. I don’t think she can punch very hard.”

Ryan has already advised her to “go square in the middle and have a few less vodkas”.

Best man Neil said: “We’ve been laughing ever since.

“Now that it has gone viral it just makes it 10 times better.

“You know it has been a good stag party when the stag has gone viral online and made the local paper.”

Neil, 34, now plans to have a bit more fun at Ryan’s wedding and is looking forward to using some of the online comments during his speech.