VIDEO: Shocking road rage attack on Dundee junction IS a crime, says cops

A road rage incident at a busy Dundee junction is now being treated as a crime, say police.

Shocking video footage, reported by the Tele yesterday, shows a motorist having a car door kicked against his head on a busy Dundee street.

VIDEO: Shocking footage shows motorist having car door kicked against his head at Dundee junction

The incident was captured by a dashcam driver at the city’s Claypotts Junction on Saturday at 4.30pm.

Police say the incident is now being treated as a crime.

A statement said: “Police Scotland are investigating an incident which took place about 4:30pm on Saturday February 16 at the Claypotts Junction of the A92 Arbroath Road, Dundee.

“The drivers of a red Vauxhall Astra and a black BMW were initially involved in a verbal altercation, which ended in the BMW driver kicking the door of the Astra and injuring the Astra driver.

“Video of the incident has been widely distributed on social media, and officers are following a positive line of enquiry.

“We would like to ask anyone who has directly witnessed this incident to call us on 101 or speak with any police officer.

“Information can also be given anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. Our reference is CR/4408/19.”

The footage was shared by Dale Cairns, 24, a support worker from Perth, who had been sitting at a car at the traffic lights at the Claypotts junction when trouble kicked off.

VIDEO: Motorist speaks of shock as Dundee road rage incident unfolds

Dale said: “A red car pulled up in front of the black BMW in front of him.

“Straight away the guy in the red car got out and went to get the attention of the people in the BMW.

“I think he got a shock however, when four young lads got out of the car.

“The driver of the red car then seemed to change his mind about confronting the boys in the car and made his way back to his own car.

“However the lads got out and followed him. What happened then looked pretty shocking.

“You can clearly see the man’s head being slammed by the car door as it was pushed shut against him.

“After that the boys got back into their car and everyone took off.

“I don’t know if anyone called the police but I certainly didn’t see any arriving before we drove away.

“The registration number of the BMW is very clear in the video I took so it won’t take much to trace them.”

Road rage near the Claypotts junction in Dundee

Dale said it all happened really quickly.

He said: “I got the impression that something must have happened further back the road before the cars got to the traffic lights that made the driver of the red car angry and decide he wanted to tackle the blokes in the BMW.

“It looked like a real case of road rage but I have no idea what was behind it.

“It escalated really quickly and got pretty physical.

“I think the guy who got hit must be pretty sore.

“He took a blow to the head with the car door and he could have ended up with concussion or anything.

“It was pretty shocking to see to be honest.”

Dale said he had been contacted by friends of those involved asking him to take the video down.

“They have seen it and obviously are upset that the whole incident was filmed.”