VIDEO: Chloe, 19, tells of being viciously beaten by her former boyfriend

A Dundee teenager has spoken of the vicious beating she received at the hands of a former boyfriend — in a bid to encourage other domestic abuse victims to speak out.

Chloe Hendry, 19, from Charleston said she put up with aggressive behaviour from Mikey McEwan for weeks before eventually reporting him to the police when he assaulted her at her home.

Chloe revealed she had initially stood by McEwan and did what she could to protect him, because she didn’t want to land him in trouble — despite claims he threatened to harm her.

But she finally decided to seek help when he pinned her to a bed and battered her. She is now encouraging others who are subjected to domestic abuse not to suffer in silence.

Chloe Henry, who was abusedby her boyfriend Mikey Henry
Chloe Henry, who was abused by her boyfriend Mikey Henry

Chloe said: “I now appreciate how much he manipulated and used me.

“He broke down my confidence and he was violent and aggressive to me, but he actually managed to persuade me to stay with him.

“I now want to speak out to encourage other women and girls not to stay with a violent partner.

“No one has the right to put anyone else through what I went through.

“I have now found the courage to tell my story, even though it makes me shake and get upset every time I recount what happened.”

chloe henry who was abusedby herbyfriend mikey henry
“At first it was great and I really liked him”

Chloe said she began seeing McEwan, who lives in Letham, just before Christmas 2015.

She said: “At first it was great and I really liked him. I was only 18 at the time and he was 25. He was my first serious boyfriend and I suppose I was besotted.

“I truly believed I was in love with him. It dawned on me later he only told me he loved me after he attacked me. That was just to try to get me to stay.”

Chloe claimed McEwan was unfaithful during their relationship, and would regularly make fun of her — denting her confidence.

She said: “The first time he was violent towards me was in July of last year when he threw me to the ground.

“I didn’t think too much of it at the time but things were going to get worse.”

Chloe Henry at her home in Dundee
Chloe Henry at her home in Dundee

In November, shortly after the couple had split up, Chloe says he called at her home after learning she had dated another man.

“Mikey came to my house, locked me in and grabbed me by the throat,” she said.

“He was kneeling on top of me and he kept punching me in the head until my face was swollen, bruised and bleeding.

“He spat in my face and called me derogatory names. After this he convinced me to stay with him — his parents agreed for me to stay with them and didn’t tell anyone about what he did. His mum even washed my blood off his coat.

“A few days later he went through my phone and said he wanted to hit me again which was when I realised I needed to get help.

“My dad picked me up from his house in Letham and took me to my sister’s house in Dundee where we phoned the police.”

McEwan, of The Square, Letham, was fined £320 at Dundee Sheriff Court.

He admitted assaulting Chloe by pushing her into a bed and repeatedly punching her on the head, to her injury.

The incident took place on November 6 last year, at a property on Milnbank Road.