VIDEO: Award-winning local songwriter Eddie releases tribute EP to Queensferry Crossing

An award-winning Tayside songwriter who marked the 50th anniversary of the Tay Road Bridge in music last year has released an EP which pays tribute to the newly opened Queensferry Crossing over the River Forth.

Perth-born Eddie Cairney, 65, who now lives in Arbroath, has released an album called Sketches O’ The QC which includes songs dedicated to the “isolated” workers who were employed during construction and contrasts the old Forth Road Bridge to the new crossing with its wind shields designed to keep traffic flowing during storms.

Eddie Cairney

Eddie said: “It’s just another quirky album like I did for the Tay Road Bridge. How do you write six songs about a bridge?

“I usually end up using a process of creative journalism.

“I get a few facts or even just a single fact and then I let my imagination take over.”

“With each album early on in the writing process I draw a blank and think there’s nothing here I can write about but there’s always something turns up.”