VIDEO: Local trucker reveals why he went public on £655,000 EuroMillions win

A Tayport trucker who scooped £655,000 in the lottery said he was going to keep his big win a secret — until he hit the headlines in the Tele.

Jim Forbes, 50, discovered he had won £655,838.70 in Friday’s EuroMillions draw after taking his ticket to Dundee’s Milton of Craigie Asda store when some of his numbers came up.

He thought he had only won a few pounds when the cashier gave him a slip telling him to contact lottery operator Camelot — and was told how much he would receive as he put his trolley away at the supermarket.

Jim Forbes and wife Pam raise a glass after claiming their prize.

He said: “It goes to show that for honest people, normal people, a normal Joe Bloggs like me, dreams come true.”

‘Oh meh goad’: Listen to the moment Jim realises he’s won £650k after packing his shopping at Dundee Asda

Jim, wife Pam and kids Aaron and Chloe went public with their big win on Thursday at Broughty Ferry Beach, letting off bottles of champagne on the sands.

The Tele revealed Jim’s win on earlier this week, but his identity has been a mystery until yesterday.

Jim, who plans to visit Hawaii, celebrating his win with son Aaron, wife Pam and daughter Chloe.

Jim said that spotting the story while he was shopping in Dundee helped him make the big decision to go public.

He said: “I had to think about it, thinking of the wife and the kids.

“But we were walking on the Murraygate and went past one of the vendors there, and saw the billboard saying, ‘Dundee £650,000 EuroMillions winner’.

“I just thought then that we had to talk about it.”

The Forbes family said they could hardly believe that the win was real.

Son Aaron, 19, said that he hoped to get a car of his own, joking: “We’ll get really nice Christmas presents this year.”

Wife Pam said she was still in shock while Chloe, 16, said: “It doesn’t feel real to me.”

Although Jim has handed in his notice at his job as an HGV driver, he said he wasn’t ready to retire.

“When I phoned my work and said I wouldn’t be able to go in on Monday because I was waiting for a call from Camelot, the girl in the office didn’t believe me,” he added.

“Unfortunately, I’ve had to hand my notice in because of the hours. I wouldn’t be able to do it part-time.

“But I’m going to have a look for something else.

“I’m a worker, I’ve worked all my days. I can’t sit and do nothing.

“When I bought the ticket Pam said: ‘what are you doing that for?’

“I said that you’ve got to be in it to win it – it’s a dream come true.”

Jim, who bought the ticket from Tesco Extra on the Kingsway, plans to use his cash to fulfil a dream of visiting Hawaii, as well as visiting New York at Christmas and buying his first-ever home, having only rented until now.