V&A Dundee was a ‘fantasy’ so skyscraper dream can also come true, says developer

A director of the company behind Dundee’s skyscraper proposals has said it can take inspiration from the V&A – because the museum was “fantasy” when it was first proposed.

Eddie Wighton, director of operations at InverTay Homes, insists the plans to bring the 39-storey building to the Waterfront is full of ambition – and he is hopeful it can become a reality.

Mr Wighton was reacting to council leader John Alexander’s claims the plan to bring the state-of-the-art facility to Dundee was “fantasy”.

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Mr Alexander said it did not conform to the Waterfront Development Plan and that the proposals were news to him and the other councillors in the city.

InverTay boss Mr Wighton has admitted he wasn’t surprised by the council leader’s comments.

But he is hopeful the completion of the V&A shows multi-million-pound projects can become a reality.

He said: “The council was not aware of our plans so I can understand why Mr Alexander had to comment on it.

“In order for something to be a reality it has to start out as ambition and that is what we and other developers are doing in Dundee.

“Of course, the V&A was a fantasy when that was first proposed as well.”

According to InverTay, the plans could bring a potential £200 million investment into the Dundee economy, as well as close to 1,000 permanent jobs.

The 462ft-tall skyscraper would be situated between the V&A and the Tay Road Bridge.

A promotional film was released to show what the building, once completed, could look like. Mr Wighton added: “Any concept that has not been signed off as a reality is an ambition.

“At this point in time Dundee as a whole has some pretty high ambition.

“Until something becomes concrete in terms of being signed off by the council it is only ambition.

“It’s something that we have been working on for some time. It’s still a long way off.

“On any of the sites at the Waterfront the council has a practice where interested parties have to get in touch with an agent.

“The council has announced that someone else was looking at that site.”