‘Unluckiest man in Dundee’ caught running ‘industrial scale’ cannabis farm in city centre

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A man is facing jail after being convicted of running a £60,000 cannabis farm out of a city centre house.

Kim Bao Liu was caught growing cannabis at an “industrial scale” cultivation in Dundee’s Ladywell Avenue, on the eastern fringe of the city centre.

Giving evidence during the trial at Dundee Sheriff Court DC Gareth Ewing, of Police Scotland, said the drug was being produced for distribution “on a national level”.

Liu had been living in the house for months before police raided the property.

When they entered they found a sophisticated cannabis growing setup inside, with power packs, bags of soil, water pumps and sprayers found inside.

Despite Liu’s DNA being found on some of these items – and him being found with a key to the front door when police stopped him – he denied having anything to do with growing and supplying the drug.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told a jury: “He is stopped by the police with the key to a house – in which there is up to £60,000 of cannabis inside – in his pocket.

“His DNA is on items all over that house, including items which we can specifically link to the cultivation such as the foil which was used all over the house and the sprayer.

“The gas man identifies him as ‘the man who lives in the house’.

“Police are told that the accused is the person responsible for growing the plants, albeit he now wants you to believe that he lied about.

“You may think that Kim Bao Liu is unluckiest man in Dundee or you may think, as the Crown would invite you to, that all this evidence stacks up to one obvious, common sense conclusion.”

Liu, 55, a prisoner at HMP Perth, denied charges of producing and being concerned in the supply of cannabis between April 29 and August 29 last year.

A second man, Chung Chan Wang, 31, also a prisoner at Perth, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

He later gave evidence against Liu during the trial.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until February 7 for social work background reports and remanded both men in custody meantime.