TV explorer Ray Mears discovers Dundee

Intrepid explorer Ray Mears took time off from his Born To Go Wild tour on Wednesday to visit a fellow explorer, the historic RRS Discovery in Dundee.

The Discovery, which is now permanently docked at the Waterfront and is an award-winning visitor attraction, took Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his crew on a gruelling expedition to the Antarctic in 1912.

Ray Mears on board RRS Discovery while on a visit to the Discovery Point before his talk at the Whitehall Theatre

Ray — a world-renowned woodsman, instructor, author and TV presenter — was treated to a VIP tour of the ship and exhibition ahead of his appearance at the city’s Whitehall Theatre.

He gave his audience a rare insight into his life as a wilderness explorer and the survival techniques that have enthralled TV viewers for years.

VIDEO: Ray Mears to share survival tips with Dundonians at city show