TRIBUTES: Praise for Dundee bus driver who picked up nurse walking to work through snow and ice

A Dundee nurse has praised the bus driver who picked her up as she walked through snow and ice to get to work, before going out of his way to drop her off at the front door of the care centre.

“I was rostered on an early shift in ward 4 at Kingsway Care Centre in Dundee on Thursday 1 March,” Teresa Butler said in a post on the NHS Tayside Facebook page.

“I had driven home the previous evening after a late shift and it had taken me over 20 minutes to complete the drive which usually lasts around six minutes.

“My little Ford KA slid straight across a roundabout at one point and if another vehicle had been oncoming I probably would have had an accident.

Teresa said she was shaken by the time she got home and woke to find more snow had fallen overnight.

“I made an attempt to move my car however it proved impossible as tyres kept slipping instead of gripping.

“As a nurse of over 30 years my sense of duty is inbuilt and I had to get to work.

“I therefore wrapped my scarf around my neck and began to trudge precariously through the snow and ice from Arklay Street to Kingsway Care centre.

“Some 15 minutes later as I was slowly making my way up Dens Road, I noticed that an Xplore Dundee bus was coming up behind me.”

As she thought the buses weren’t running, Teresa said she only had her bank card with her.

“I waited for the bus to pull in to the stop and, showing the driver my NHS ID badge, explained that I was a nurse and had to get to work but had no change for the bus.

“The driver did not hesitate and ushered me onto his bus. I was the sole passenger at this time.

“This lovely knight of the road then proceeded to drop me right at the entrance to Kingsway Care Centre even though there’s not a stop there and I expressed my gratitude for his kind act.

“So I did get to work after all and we managed the shift with assistance from a group of physios who appeared on the ward after breakfast, which was also a lovely surprise.

“From a frosty and frightening start, the day became of those when you realise how lucky you are to be surrounded by kind, thoughtful and supportive people!”

A wonderful snow story from one of our Kingsway Care Centre nurses Teresa Butler. Big shout out to the Xplore Dundee bus…

Posted by NHS Tayside on Monday, 5 March 2018