Tributes paid after Dundee lollipop man who helped kids at city school for 20 years dies aged 81

Robin Ball helped school kids across the road to Dens Road Primary for more than 20 years.

A pensioner who worked as a lollipop man at a Dundee school for two decades has died at the age of 81.

Robin Ball was a familiar face to parents and children at Dens Road Primary for more than 20 years.

He only gave up his crossing patroller job a few months before he died following a period of ill health.

Robin was born in England and worked as a teacher in various places south of the border before travelling overseas to teach.

He took early retirement before moving to Stobswell and starting work as a lollipop man.

Robin’s brother-in-law, the Reverend Michael Webber — who is also based down south — paid tribute to him, saying: “Robin spent all of his life having a great concern for children.

“Although he never married or had any children of his own, he dedicated his whole life to helping and caring for children.”

Michael described Robin as a “very shy man but also a very interesting man”.

He added: “He was a fantastic linguist who wrote to many pen pals all over the world through the years.

“What made the letters very special was that he wrote each letter in the receiver’s own language.

“He also learned Welsh to a very high standard.

“I always remember the story of him on a train in Wales where two other gentleman had clocked that he was English and made some rude remarks about him in Welsh, thinking he would not understand.

“At the end of the journey, Robin very politely stood up and said in perfectly clear Welsh, ‘well thank you for a wonderful journey gentlemen, it has been great to join you’.

“The two men’s faces were a picture.He was incredibly intelligent.”

Robin attended Coldside Parish Church where minister the Rev Tony Thornthwaite also described him as an “interesting but reserved man”.

Mr Thornthwaite told the Tele: “Robin had a great passion for travelling and had a collection of all his passports dating way back, which he would be overjoyed to show any visitors who he had over to his flat.”

A funeral service for Robin takes place at Coldside Parish Church in Isla Street at 11am today (Friday), followed by interment at Birkhill Cemetery at noon.

Donations can be made to the church.