Trading Standards in warning over imported beauty products

Shoppers are being urged to ensure they are purchasing cosmetics that are safe this Christmas.

Trading Standards is advising consumers to avoid imported beauty products that may contain banned ingredients.

Of particular concern is the preservative methylisothiazolinone (MI), which was banned earlier this year and has been linked to sensitisation and skin allergy issues.

It can be present in items such as face cream, hair gel and wet wipes and local trading standards officers are keen to ensure people are aware of the potential pitfalls of purchasing imported products as presents.

Dawn Adamson, service manager with Fife trading standards, took part in a Scottish National Product Safety group project which focused on cosmetics.

“Within Fife, a number of premises were visited and no products containing MI were found at this stage,” she said.

“Our advice to consumers is to always purchase cosmetics from reputable retailers.”