Trade union seeks urgent meeting with Dundee council over shift patterns

GMB Scotland Organiser Helen Meldrum with Susan Marnie, GMB Rep who is a home carer.
GMB Scotland Organiser Helen Meldrum with Susan Marnie, GMB Rep who is a home carer.

Trade union leaders representing Dundee care workers are seeking an urgent meetings about the latest proposals for shift patterns.

Dundee City Council has written to Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership regarding “significant progress” in the review of home care services.

Helen Meldrum of the GMB, which represents hundreds of city council care workers, said the union was “cautious” about the announcement and needed more details.

Ms Meldrum said: “We have yet to see any details.

“There are no guarantees about whether our home care members will be required to change their hours of work or accept a huge pay cut which was part of the latest proposals to slash their terms and conditions.

“We are seeking an urgent meeting with the council to discuss the detail of what this actually means.”

A council spokesman said: “The letter from health and social care partnership chief officer David Lynch explains that, due to developments in the service, new shift plans will allow employees to remain on their existing work patterns.

“They will not be asked to move to a split-shift system unless they have requested this change themselves.

“The review of home care services considered shift patterns and models of delivery of the care at home services.

“It looked to strike a balance between the expectations of our valued workforce and the needs of service users, now and in the future.

“A lot has changed since the review was started.

“There has been progress on the remodelling of pathways to support people being discharged from hospital, along with remodelling around primary care and community services, and the development of integrated roles.”