Toys ‘R’ Us statement casts doubt on future of Dundee store

The future of jobs at Toys ‘R’ Us in Dundee has been cast into doubt amid plans by the firm to close 26 stores across the UK and downsize several others.

Up to 800 jobs are expected to be lost nationally when the shutters begin to come down in spring next year.

While the store at Kingsway Retail Park has not been earmarked for closure, a spokeswoman for Toys ‘R’ Us said that it was “reviewing options”.

She said: “It is our intention to keep the Toys ‘R’ Us Store in Dundee open.

“We are reviewing options, including downsizing the store or a rent reduction.”

When asked if either option could potentially lead to job losses at the store, the spokeswoman would say only that efforts would be made to redeploy staff in other branches where possible.

The uncertainty comes just months after the Dundee store reopened after a four-month refurbishment following a fire in March which caused smoke damage.

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