Toilet warning after wet wipes clog local sewer

A Scottish Water image urging people to dispose of wet wipes in the bin

Scottish Water has reminded householders not to flush wet wipes down toilets after they clogged up a Monifieth sewer.

Engineers from Scottish Water removed thousands of the items after they were called to a blockage in the Angus town earlier this month.

In total, the team filled five rubbish bags with wipes that had been dumped into a single section of sewer.

Scottish Water’s Cycle Campaign urges customers to use the “Three Ps rule” reminding them to flush only “pee, poo and toilet paper”.

A spokesman for Scottish Water said disposing of articles such as wipes, nappies or cotton buds down the toilet could cause drains to block.

Offending items should go in the bin, not down the toilet, even if the packaging claims they are flushable.

Sanitary items, condoms, incontinence pads, colostomy bags, used bandages and contact lenses are also on the no-flush list.