‘Thunderstuck’ Dundee teen takes on Bon Scott duties for sold-out AC/DC tribute gig

A Dundee teenager has been Thunderstruck after performing with one of the UK’s biggest tribute rock bands.

Connor Liam Byrne, 18, performed with the hugely popular AC/DC UK at their sold-out gig at Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Friday.

The Douglas youngster stood in on Bon Scott duties after the band’s frontman unexpectedly left last month.

Connor also performed at the band’s sold-out show at The Garage in Aberdeen on Saturday.

He told the Tele he was invited to perform after word spread that the band needed performers to fill in.

“These guys are a big deal, so I was really excited about it,” he said.

“They got in touch just a week before the gig to say I was in. I’m a massive AC/DC fan and I know the guys in AC/DC UK a wee bit.”

Connor has been playing music since he was five, and gigging in and around Dundee since he was 11, frequently playing many of the city’s music venues.

Douglas lad Connor Liam Byrne, 18, stood in on Bon Scott duties for renowned AC/DC tribute band

He said he had no problem playing with AC/DC UK’s older, more experienced musicians, despite his relatively young age.

He continued: “I wasn’t nervous about playing with older guys. If anything, I was more nervous about the fact that it was AC/DC and I was wanting to do a good job.

“I didn’t really get any practice before the gig so I was relying on my knowledge about Bon Scott and I’ve got enough of that.

“AC/DC have been my thing since before I can even remember so to be asked to do two shows showed these guys had some sort of faith in me.”

Connor was prepared for the aftermath of using his voice at maximum capacity to rip through the band’s loud, boisterous lyrics, and hits such as TNT and Highway To Hell.

He said: “It was a pain over Christmas because I couldn’t eat sweets and just had to stick to green tea. I stocked up on lozenges as well.”

John Cruickshanks, director at Beat Generator Live, was initially bemused when he found out Connor would be heading up the band.

He said: “Friday night’s show was absolutely sold out.

“AC/DC UK have been playing sold out shows all over — not just in the UK but in Europe as well. They’ve just come back from playing in Holland.

“Connor’s just 18 so this was a massive opportunity for him.

“When I found out how old he was, I was a bit uneasy — but the band assured me that they had done their homework and that he would deliver the goods.”

AC/DC UK have played hundreds of shows across the globe, cementing their reputation.

The band have 12,000 fans on Facebook and more than 30 shows lined up for 2018.