Thug who set fire to PC’s car in Dundee driveway writes ‘life coaching’ book from jail cell

A criminal jailed for five years after setting a policeman’s car alight has penned a “life coaching” book from behind bars after serving just a third of his sentence.

In July 2016, personal trainer Craig Guest was handed a five-year jail term at the High Court after being convicted of torching a car in the driveway of a police officer’s home near Dundee.

Craig Guest at the High Court in Aberdeen

The court heard that Guest had become involved with William Handy — who claimed he was being harassed by police officers — having mounted up debts to the businessman.

Evidence was led that, during regular appointments, phone calls and messages in May and June 2014, the pair agreed to firebomb a personal car at PC David Farr’s Ballumbie home. At Handy’s behest, in the early hours of June 23 2014, Guest poured petrol over a car in Farr’s driveway and set it on fire.

Luckily, the police officer and his family escaped physical injury — but the consequences could have been far worse if the “uncontrollable” flames had spread.

Now, the Tele can reveal that Guest has penned a book which is now on sale via online retailer Amazon, in hardback or for Kindle tablets.

The book went on sale in September — just over a year after he was jailed.

Cover of the eBook written by Craig Guest and published via Amazon

It is understood that Guest was moved to an open prison recently, and has been out in the local community on weekend leave.

In December, Guest was active on social media encouraging people to purchase the title. It was being marketed as a fitness book which can have an impact on the reader’s whole life, and as a Christmas present.

In the book’s blurb, Guest — a self-styled lifestyle coach and personal trainer — claims to be “fully equipped to ensure you not only succeed in making permanent changes to your life, but also guarantees success through changed behaviour time and time again”.

According to the author, the book offers learning “to focus your mind and body in harmony” and promises to leave the reader “feeling empowered”.

The book says: “You will quickly learn to control yourself in a completely different way, giving you the ability to channel that energy into more positive avenues, ultimately providing you with a better quality of life, and a newly found level of focus.”

In addition, Guest also purports to have an insight into how readers
can utilise anger and aggression — without allowing them to be destructive.

He added: “By understanding more about anger and aggression, you will learn that these feelings are perfectly normal, and that given the right understanding, they can be used as a superior driving force towards whatever goals you desire, as opposed to the usual destructive nature such feelings usually possess.”

Scottish Conservative shadow justice spokesman Liam Kerr said the book is a “slap in the face” to the police officer victim and his family.

He said: “This man wilfully endangered innocent people and many will wonder whether it is appropriate to be running a business from a cell.

“There is an irony in an offender offering life choices instruction before he’s even served his full sentence.

“This was a serious offence against a public servant and deserves to be recognised as such.”

Duo convicted of setting car alight at police officer’s home