Thug broke man’s jaw and hand in fight outside Dundee city centre bar

The Balcony Bar (stock image)
The Balcony Bar (stock image)

A thug broke a fellow pub-goer’s jaw and hand in a fight outside a city centre bar.

Victim Nicholas Humphrey now has a metal plate holding his jaw together and a two and a half inch scar from his ear to his lip after being assaulted by Darren Cree, 24.

Cree, of Emmock Woods Drive, carried out his attack just outside the Balcony Bar, on Ward Road, after being thrown out of the pub by security staff.

Fiscal depute Stuart Duncan told Dundee Sheriff Court a friend of Cree’s had become involved in an altercation with Mr Humphrey in the pub’s toilets.

“Cree entered the toilets and became involved,” the fiscal said.

“Mr Humphrey was described as the main aggressor by one witness who was working as a door steward.

“They were all ejected from the pub.”

Once outside, Cree punched Mr Humphrey from behind and Mr Humphrey fell to the ground.

Cree walked off towards the Overgate Shopping Centre, leaving Mr Humphrey lying on the ground.

Police and ambulance crews attended and found Mr Humphrey bleeding from the mouth, with a missing tooth and a swollen hand. He was taken to Ninewells Hospital where he received treatment for a broken jaw, including the insertion of a metal plate, and treatment to a fracture in his hand.

Cree’s solicitor Anika Jethwa said: “He initially was trying to help his friend and break up the fight when they were ejected from the pub.

“He was then outside waiting for his friend and the complainer came out and that’s when he punched him.”

Cree admitted assaulting Mr Humphrey by punching him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground, to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement on April 6 last year.

Sentence was deferred until February 19 for background reports.