Three Dundee car parks to host another 60 electric car charging points

Three of Dundee’s multi-storey car parks will soon host 60 additional electric car charging points, the council’s electric car advocacy scheme has revealed.

An electric car

Drive Dundee Electric says the “slow charging” points are for people parking electric vehicles (EVs) for an extended period.

The chargers will be spread across the West Bell Street, Greenmarket and Olympia multi-storeys in the near future.

Greenmarket and Olympia are already home to high-powered “fast chargers”.

Drive Dundee Electric said on social media: “These three underused car parks in Dundee will soon be providing a charge for up to 60 EVs at once.

“They will provide a slower charge than the rapid charging hubs, making it more suitable for those looking to charge overnight or through the working day.”