Under threat Dundee workers at firm claim unfair treatment

The Robertson building at the Dryburgh Industrial Estate.

Workers at a construction firm under threat from closure say they have been treated unfairly by their bosses.

Robertson Engineering Services is considering shutting down its Scottish division, endangering 22 jobs in Dundee.

Employees who had been working on the new Tulloch High School in Perthshire vented their fury at the suggestion that they could lose their jobs before Christmas.

Eleven of the firm’s employees had only been taken on in September, having been made redundant by collapsed firm the Scottish Electric Group.

They allege that upper management had promised them bonuses, which were changed without warning.

One worker said that when workers were given the news that their jobs were on the line, they were promised a £1,000 “loyalty bonus” for staying on until the end of their notice period.

However, it has been alleged that the company has since revised that to a “completion bonus” which would only be paid if all of the work was completed before the staff were let go.

Several workers have also told the Tele four employees — two electricians and two heating engineers — had been suspended on full pay over a dispute with the firm’s upper management.

Dougie Maguire, regional representative for trade union Unite, said: “Our understanding is that there is a dispute about a bonus payment.

“We have asked for Robertson to put that in writing but they have so far failed to do that. There also appears to be some intimidation going on through the management team and people feel they are being singled out if they speak out about how they feel they are being treated.”

A spokeswoman for Robertson Engineering Services said: “In order to address concerns around employee morale during this difficult time, the employees based on the Tulloch site have been offered a loyalty payment, which will be paid upon successful completion and handover of Tulloch Primary School.

“Payment of this is dependent on the individuals remaining in employment with Robertson until the successful completion and handover of the site.

“Four employees were suspended on full pay as a precautionary measure, pending investigation. This follows a series of complaints in relation to poor conduct on site and lack of productivity.”