Thief who stole DJ’s £5k hard drive from Dundee pub to do community payback

The Balcony bar
The Balcony bar

Gordon Jensen, 43, of Clepington Road, has been placed on a community payback order under supervision for a year.

Jensen admitted that he stole a hard drive at the Balcony Bar, Ward Road, on August 24 last year.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard the DJ’s computer came up with an error and when he investigated he found the external hard drive with about 5,000 files of karaoke music, worth £5,000, had been unplugged and removed.

CCTV footage showed Jensen, sitting near the DJ booth, had committed the theft.

When the complainer went to the bar area to speak to him, Jensen and his friends had already left the pub.

However, other pub customers passed his name on to the police and he was traced at his home.

He apologised to police and said he was drunk.

Lawyer Ross Donnelly said Jensen had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

He said he had some voluntary contact with drug agency Addaction and that he was unsuitable for carrying out unpaid work.

However, he said Jensen would be suitable for a restriction of liberty order.

Mr Donnelly added that his client could not remember what had happened to the hard drive.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond also placed Jensen on a restriction of liberty order for four months between the hours of 7pm-7am.