The road trip through 22 countries: Couple drive from Dundee in South Africa to Dundee in Scotland

A pair of adventurers have finally completed a cross-country trip for the ages.

Nearly two-and-a-half years after the Tele first revealed their plans to drive to Dundee in Scotland from Dundee in South Africa, Kevin and Donna Krummeck finally arrived in the City of Discovery on Saturday – one false start, 45,000km and 22 countries later.

Donna, who hails from Dundee, Scotland, met husband Kevin in his hometown of Dundee, South Africa, having moved there at the age of two.

They they set off from South Africa in March in “Landie” – a heavily-customised Land Rover Defender – and wound their way up the east coast of Africa.

With nine African nations and most of Europe under their belt, the couple are still struggling to believe they’ve journeyed from one end of the globe to the other.

“It’s a bit surreal – amazing, but surreal,” said Donna, 53.

“It’s one thing just talking about doing it, but I can’t quite believe we’ve done it.”

Journeying both on and off-road, the Krummecks have an enviable range of stories to tell.

Along the way their Land Rover has been trapped in customs in Turkey – freed up by a kindly senior officer on his day off – and dodged civil warfare in Sudan.

And Donna had a picnic she’ll never forget during a stop-off at a nature reserve.

“I was watching, of all things, two ants playing on the ground, and just saw something out the corner of my eye – this lioness came out the bushes and just stopped to look at me.

“I just froze. My legs stopped working. I realised I’d never make the car, and I wanted to shout to Kevin in case he came out but my voice wasn’t working.

“She looked me up and down, and walked off – she obviously thought I wasn’t appetising.”

The couple also had a rude awakening one morning when an elephant peeked into the Land Rover’s rooftop tent at 2am.

Kevin said: “You really don’t appreciate the power of those things until you’ve seen them up close. It knocked our stainless steel picnic table flying for miles with its trunk.”

Kevin and Donna dreamt up the epic trip in 2017 to mark their 30th wedding anniversary.

However, their first attempt at the run was cut short after border officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo refused to issue them with tourist visas.

Donna said she cried “for about two days straight” afterwards.

“It was so disappointing,” said Kevin, “but we had family occasions to go home to so we decided this was our warm-up.”

They used the return trip to perfect their planning for the second attempt.

Along the way, the Krummecks have been spurred on by fans on social media, including scores of people from both Dundees.

In light of the sheer level of interest, the pair will be parking up at Riverview Caravan Park in Monifieth this Saturday from 10am-2pm – and are inviting people to go along and say hello.

There, they will collect donations for South African charity Give A Child A Family, which looks after abandoned or orphaned children – paying forward the kindness they have been shown along the way.

Donna said: “So many people have helped us – strangers have invited us into their homes for tea _ there has been so much kindness shown to us.”