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‘The level of aggression is alarming’: Predatory gulls spark safety warning for local folk

An Arbroath neighbourhood watch co-ordinator has expressed concern for the safety of pedestrians and motorists due to the behaviour of aggressive gulls.

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Kevin Smith urged people not to encourage the scavengers, especially when events such as the popular farmers’ market and music festival are taking place in the town.

He said people feeding the birds were making the situation worse.

“I have seen a number of gulls and their chicks fighting over food and the level of aggression that is displayed is alarming so if anyone wants to feed the birds I would respectfully suggest that they go to the cliffs to do it,” Mr Smith said.

“This is where their natural habitat is, not in our town centre, where there are many vulnerable people walking about minding their own business, sometimes with food in their hands.”

Concerns have been expressed across Angus about the problem.

Last month, Montrose Independent councillor Tommy Stewart called for aggressive gulls to be culled, arguing that other methods to control the birds had failed.

Dundee City Council has in the past implemented a cull, after exhausting non-lethal alternatives.