VIDEO: ‘Thank you’: Folk rally round to help save Christmas for local baby Jacob after death of mum

Christmas has been saved for a “miracle” toddler whose mum died last month.

Jacob McDonald was born just over a year ago, with his mum’s pregnancy described as so rare that doctors asked her permission for it to be entered in the British Medical Journal.

His parents, Kenny and Vivienne, of Wellbank, had been told by doctors she could not have children.

After being diagnosed with lung disease pulmonary fibrosis, Vivienne was told she would be lucky to survive a year.

Kenny and Vivienne with Jacob

Also suffering from a myriad of other illnesses including dermatomyositis, fibromyalgia, arthritis and type 2 diabetes, she bravely battled on for two-and-a-half years.

Vivienne finally lost her fight last month, aged 32, leaving her partner heartbroken and struggling to make ends meet.

Kenny spoke of the “amazing support” that has saved Jacob’s first Christmas without his mum.

Kenny at home with the youngster

Friends, family, agencies and charities pulled together to donate gifts to the youngster that he will open on Christmas day.

Kenny said that the help he and his son have received has been overwhelming.

He said: “The support we have had since Viv’s passing has been nothing short of amazing.

“Everything was up in the air financially. We had Viv’s funeral and also the changes to benefits when she passed away.

Little Jacob will now have gifts to open on Christmas Day

“Our benefits all changed and there were waiting times — it was really tough going.

“It was a real worry for me. The money just wasn’t there for Christmas after paying for all of life’s expenses.

“It was heartbreaking because all I wanted was for Jacob to have a good Christmas.”

Kenny said that as Christmas got closer, he began to receive items for Jacob.

He added: “It started with one of Viv’s friends, Isobel Simpson, inviting us up to see them. When we were leaving, they gave us a load of chocolates and sweets for his Christmas.

“Then I went outside and there was a present and a box of chocolates sitting on the doorstep for him.

“It was from one of the neighbours — they didn’t need to do that.

“We ended up with people from Invergordon and right down to Manchester reaching out to help us.”

He said other friends of the family dropped off lots of gifts along with a special donation.

He added: “I came home and there was a bag of toys from the Angus Toy Appeal sitting on the doorstep.

“The Cystic Fibrosis Trust helped pay the remaining balance on the funeral.

“It was actually the Tele article that they saw. They also sent up a package for Jacob.

“It has been amazing how everyone has pulled together to make sure this wee boy gets the Christmas he deserves. It brought tears to my eyes to see the whole community pull together like that. They have saved Christmas for him.

“The stress that has been lifted from me is unbelievable. Jacob can now have a good Christmas with gifts to open.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done.”

Kenny previously paid tribute to his “incredible wife”, describing her as the most generous person in the world”.

He said: “Her biggest dream in life was to become a mum — and she did that against the odds. She was such an amazing human being. She didn’t care about any material things — she just wanted to help people. She was more than willing to give her life for the little one to survive.”

Vivienne’s funeral was held at Dundee Crematorium in November.