Tesco finds ‘major issues’ at local chicken factory

The entrance to the 2 Sisters Food Group site in Coupar Angus

A local chicken factory has received a “red” warning from a supermarket chain.

Inspectors from Tesco visited the 2 Sisters Food Group site in Coupar Angus and found compliance issues it defined as “major”, insisting they be addressed “immediately”.

The Tesco audit found organic and non-organic chickens were mixed, that a computer system allowed all workers to change use-by dates and that there were “serious issues” with records designed to account for chickens earmarked for disposal.

A 2 Sisters Food Group spokesman said neither the mixed organic and standard chicken, nor poultry earmarked for disposal, had been dispatched to customers.

Regarding the issue of the computer system allowing any employee to change use-by dates, the spokesman said: “There was no evidence this was happening. Following the report, 2 Sisters has taken steps to make the computer more secure.”