TELE OPINION: At worst, Dundee’s shower tax is an entirely cynical, almost underhand, way to balance the books

It is, when all is said and done, a simple matter of fairness.

It had been claimed that only those who made a choice to have a shower fitted would have to pay the weekly £5 or £10 “shower tax”.

That is to say, if a shower was required on medical grounds, a tenant would be exempt from the levy.

Yet the evidence would appear to be somewhat different, with even those in direst need being forced to fork out thousands of pounds over many years — even in cases when an occupational therapist had insisted a shower was  necessary.

Meanwhile, it is also worth picking through the arguments that have been provided in support of the charge.

It is claimed tenants have effectively chosen for it to remain. An interesting perspective, given the only way out of it would be to vote in higher rents for everybody – not much of a choice.

As our campaign gathers pace it is evident the charge is at best grossly unfair.

At worst it represents little more than an entirely cynical, almost underhand, way to balance the books.

This is absolutely not a political campaign — no single party is to blame for this situation.

However, it is incumbent upon those of all political shades to fight for a fairer future.