Tayside murder accused seen on CCTV the morning sister was ‘cut from ear to ear’

Police cordoned off an area after Annalise's body was found.
Police cordoned off an area after Annalise's body was found.

Murder accused Jordan Johnstone was caught on CCTV at a Dundee filling station on the morning that his sister Annalise was killed.

The 25-year-old was filmed driving a Ford Galaxy to BP’s Kingsway branch at 12.15am on May 10.

The High Court in Livingston previously heard Annalise was found dead – with her throat cut from “ear to ear” -– later that day.

Jurors were played footage that showed Johnstone parking co-accused Angela Newlands’ Ford Galaxy beside a fuel pump and walking into the shop.

The front passenger door of the vehicle is seen opening and closing twice, but no one else gets out.

In a statement to police, Johnstone had said he drove Annalise to their uncle’s home in Auchterarder, where she thought she could get drugs.

Detective Constable Keith Stockton told the High Court that he was tasked with gathering CCTV footage from key inquiry locations – which included about 100 cameras.

In the footage captured at the BP station, Johnstone is wearing a dark grey T-shirt and dark trousers.

The High Court had previously heard how accused Newlands appeared “genuinely shocked” by the news of Annalise’s death. She told investigators she had gone with Johnstone and her four children to stay with Annalise in Ardrossan on May 7.

She said Annalise had been moody and believed she was not welcome in the Travelling community because she was gay. Johnstone and his sister had come to Newlands’ mum’s home in Inchture on the evening of May 9.

She said Johnstone claimed he dropped Annalise off at the top of his uncle’s street, before returning at 1am. The next morning, Newlands woke to a series of messages asking if she had seen Annalise. Detective Sergeant Beverley Simon said she looked genuinely shocked when told of Annalise’s death.

The trial before Lady Smith continues.

The charges: 

Jordan Johnstone and Angela Newlands face a total of five charges.

It is alleged that on May 6 last year, at Bank Street, Coatbridge, they both assaulted Nadia Johnstone and threatened her with knives, repeatedly attempted to strike her on the neck with a knife, pushed her, threw liquid at her and punched her on the head, to her injury.

Johnstone is further accused of assaulting his sister Annalise Johnstone at Denholm Way, Beith, Ayrshire, on May 8 last year.

It is alleged he seized hold of her and pulled her from a Ford Galaxy car.

Prosecutors also claim that Johnstone stole a Hobby Caravan, and its contents, from Carmichael Place, Irvine, on May 9 last year.

It is alleged that on May 10 last year, both Johnstone and Newlands assaulted Annalise at the Maggie Wall Memorial on the B8062 Auchterarder to Dunning road, repeatedly struck her on the neck with a knife or similar weapon and murdered her.

Johnstone and Newlands are further accused of attempting to defeat the ends of justice on May 10 and 11, by (a) transporting Annalise’s body in the Ford Galaxy from the Maggie Wall Memorial and leaving her behind a stone dyke at the side of the B8062; (b) cleaning the Ford Galaxy; (c) setting fire to material, the nature of which is meantime not known to the prosecutor, and (d) falsely reporting Annalise as a missing person.