Tayside menopause festival inspires others across the globe

The Menopause Cafe held at Blend Coffee shop where they can talk and support each other with Menopause issues.

A menopause festival in Perth has inspired similar celebrations across the globe.

The Fair City project, which started last year, was the first of its kind.

The Menopause Cafe, which encouraged men and women to get together to share their experiences of the third stage of life, spawned a festival that began in Perth last month.

Now organisers are securing charity status for the cafe.

The venture is being replicated throughout the UK, thanks to a guide produced by the Perth team to help others run their own events.

The first cafe outside the UK was held in Toronto, Canada.

Locals recently voted for the Menopause Cafe to receive more than £1,000 of funding as part of the council-run Perth Decides initiative.

The festival continues on Saturday with a question-and-answer session at Perth Theatre hosted by Dr Laura Jarvis of Tayside Menopause Clinic, followed by a sing-a-long with singer/songwriter Debra Salem.